25 Jun 2014

Wee trip down the Clyde from the Erskine bridge to Dumbarton Castle

                                                       A wee trip down the Clyde

About to set off from under the Erskine Bridge

Cardiac Hill up to The Kilpatrick Hills in the distance

The Erskine Bridge

The entrance/ exit to the Forth and Clyde Canal at Bowling

Old pier at Bowling

Old boat graveyard at Bowling

Old boat graveyard at Bowling

Old pier at Bowling

Bowling gas terminal

Dumbarton Castle

Dumbarton Castle

Dumb and Dumbarton Castle

Glasgow Kayak Club night on the Forth and Clyde Canal 22-7-13

A chance to get out onto the famous Forth and Clyde canal with new members and folk new to kayaking/ canoeing

Paddlers drift near Partick Thistle FC's Maryhill stadium

Adam shows a youngster safe entry

The upmarket flats at Spierswharf. Once they were warehouses with great views over the city of Glasgow

Vicky shows off her sculling skills

Wee trip to Carrick Castle on Loch Goil with Alan and Blair 11-7-13

Blair and Alan set off on their mega trip

Crossing Loch Long

Alan passes the wee cottage at the head of Loch Goil

Alan crossing Loch Goil towards Carrick Castle

Blair Crossing Loch Goil on the way to Carrick Castle

Alan and Blair arrive at Carrick Castle

A sunken fishing boat on Loch Goil

Graham on Loch Long

And the end is nigh

Wee day Out on Loch Lomond 7-7-13

The sun was out, and the loch was just half an hour away, so, load up and set off for paddle heaven.

Luss on the 'Bonnie Banks'

Ben Lomond in the distance

Inchmoan Beach

Ben Lomond

The Luss Hills Horsehoe

Ben Lomond from my view point on Inchclonaig

A mad man with the Luss Hill Horsehoe in distance