26 Sep 2011

Saturday PM paddle on Loch Lomond from Rowerdenan 23-7-11

THE chance to get out on the boat is always welcome, so a Saturday afternoon paddle to Loch Lomond was again on the cards, but, this time launching from the east side and further up from the usual splash in at Millarrochy Bay, at Rowerdenan.
A wee sneaky drive into the 'Lodges' before the pub at the end of the road and park up at the beach side gave an easy launch as the usual jet skiis and speedy boats readied themselves for their blasts up and down the loch.

My luncheon spot on Rowchoish promentary with the hills of 415m high Cruach Tairbeirt above Tarbet and the Munroe of Ben Narnain and its cracking ridge of A' Chrois on horizon.

 Firstly, launch from Rowerdenan as the boats prepare to go do their stuff on a gorgeous day in July.

 Ben Lomond, and her Ptarmigan Ridge, towers over Rowerdenan Pier.
Just shortly after this I paddled past the pier and rounded the point at the youth hostel to see a 'head' above the water.. snorting and snuffling.
I have to admit to being taken aback and not realising what it was at first and wondered if it was some sort of 'Loch Monster' I had discovered..?
Naw, it was a seal that had ventured into the loch via the River Leven following Salmon in from the Clyde.. it spotted me and snorted loudly and disappeared.. I laughed at/ to myself for thinking about sea monsters!!

 Meanwhile, back at Rowchoish and it was dinner time or just chilling out watching the fishermen drift past plus the 'tourist' boats with waving tourists taking snaps of the mental guy sat on a lonely beach.

 Looking south down Loch Lomond from Rowchoish..

 He comes cap in hand and in peace... good grief.. :-)

 At rest...

 I watched the tourists pass and waved and they stopped what they were doing and some took pix of me sitting on my chair watching them watch me taking pix of them.. :-)

 Interesting rock formations just next to my chair.. No, I didn't get off to take the picture.. 

 Still looking south down Loch Lomond

 No, not the seal I spotted earlier, but still a loch monster in his own right.. wi wellies oan!..

 On way home I passed the Rowerdenan Hotel (ahead) a great wee pub for Guinness

 And turning round to face north I had Rowerdenan Pier and the tip of the Ben's Ptarmigan Ridge on show.

And, there she is again, Ben Lomond, just can't get enough.. 

14 Sep 2011

Afternoon paddle on Loch Lomond-12-7-11

IT'S always good to look out the window at work to see your car sitting in the car park with a big yella Kayak on the roof as you know you'll be on the water an hour after you finish work!
So, it was straight down to Millarochy Bay on the banks of Loch Lomond for a couple of hours peace and quiet straight after work on a Tuesday.

Lunchstop on the north east of Inchlonaig with the broad shoulders of Ben Lomond watching over to see what I have in my lunch box this time!

But, before that, A gentle launch from the Millarochy Bay and a wee glide through the moored yachts, and through swarms of midgies!

A wee float past Blair farm beach with the 'Ben sneaking into the picture again

On Blair Farm beach a flock of Canadian Geese watched me float by.

It really astonishes me the wide and varied life living on and around and in Loch Lomond.
Here, a wee 'tree' has found roots on a rock of all places, and seems to have been here a long time going by its size.

A wee tree and its rocky roots.

Good grief.. :-)

Oh, the new Werner paddle makes an appearance at the beach.

The wee beach I passed on the way to Strathcashell Point.

As I crossed Loch Lomond from Strathcashell Point to Inchlonaig another gorgeous view of Ben Lomond appeared.

Lunchstop on the north east of Inchlonaig with the broad shoulders of Ben Lomond watching over to see what I have in my lunch box this time!

The north east of Inchlonaig has a couple of wee cute beaches to stop in and I was greatly relieved to find them EMPTY...

On the way home the Loch Lomond Sea Plane took off near-by and flew over my head quite closely.

Nature's spotlight...

10 Sep 2011

Day trip to Garvellachs from Easdale -18-6-11

THERE was always only going to be one intro image from the cracking wee trip to The Garvellachs in June - Andy McManus trying his luck over a rock with accompanying wave - he made it look easy and exciting, but later exclaimed... "I thought I was a gonner...!" 
I'm on yer paddle mate!

Joining us, Me, Andy, Em, Lewis and Chris from the GKC on a wee trip out to The Garvellachs, from Easdale, were Pam and Alan Forsyth and Julia Darby from 'Doon the Waater' on the Cowal Peninsula, which meant for a brilliant day chatting to new folk and enjoying their company.
And, I had my all-new, all-singing, all-dancing Carbon Fibre Werner Cyprus paddle to keep me happy too.

A fairly early start from Easdale beach at the back of the main car park (and apparently someone's GARDEN, we were to find out on our return!)

Lewis gave us our pre-paddle pep talk before we aimed at our target on the horizon - Garbh Eileach via the twin islands of Dubh-fheith.
I was still suffering back pain from our epic blast from Arisaig to Mallaig earlier in the month so I was wary at first, but, anti inflams are ace!

Andy McManus

Lewis and Pam

Lewis, Alan, Julia, Chris and Em

Andy McManus


Lunch stop for the troops on Garbh Eileach - Frm lft: Lewis, Julia, Chris, Pam, Andy, Alan and Em

Luch stop on Garbh Eileach

Back to the boats and onward down the east coast of The Garvellachs



Andy checking the sturdiness of his Capella!!


Andy, Chris and Pam

Andy, Pam and Chris

The team hit Garbh Eileach with the small island of Dun Chonnuill to the left with remains of a castle on it.

Chris and Lewis pass in front of Dun Chonnuill

The first wee bit of excitiment - passing through the gap between Dubh-fheith

Lewis and Andy discuss the 'wave over the rock' incident...

Pam expresses her amazement that Andy lived to tell the tale of the 'wave over the rock' incident and Andy expresses his amazement at surviving the 'wave over the rock' incident!
Alan thinks better of having a go at any wave over any rock...


East coast of The Garvellachs with lighthouse at southern end of Eileach an Naoimh 

Chris and Lewis

Andy and Chris take in the scenery

A flock of Cormorants watch the colourful boats float gently by

Lewis exiting an inlet

A happy group

Chris Bell and wave

Lewis waiting patiently

Lewis leaving our lunch stop

Pam coming into land at Eileach an Naoimh's inlet to the remains of one of the oldest monasteries in Scotland

Andy taking in the atmosphere of the monastery

Everyone homeward bound - into an F3 headwind so no photos from me - I was hanging onto my paddle thanks..!