5 May 2012

Glasgow Kayak Club night on Loch Lomond 18-4-12

A call for an evening's paddle 'For Beginners' on Loch Lomond was announced on the Glasgow Kayak Club's web site with an extra incentive being 'you can practice your rolls and rescues - mid April?!
Mibbees aye, mibbees naw!...
GKC committee members Muir Porter, Emily Glasbey and Crawford Brysland were joined by two club newbies Dave Burrell and Johnny and old stager Duggie McNaughton down at the slipway into Loch Lomond, I had tweaked a shoulder muscle so was out, but took my camera.

Once the lads and Emily had got onto the loch, they made their way to the small inlet to the west of the slipway as the sun prepared to set behind the Luss Hills.

But, before they hit the water Muir ran through a few protocols.

Into the club boats, Crawford checks that Johnny and Dave are in securely

Emily sitting comfortably on Loch Lomond

Crawford also sitting comfortably on Loch Lomond

The sun was setting

And a grand wee night out on the loch was had by all.. except me, I was beached..:-)

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