13 Oct 2011

Evening paddle on Loch Lomond with Andy McManus 25-8-11

AND again, it's great to think you will be on the water not an hour after you finish work.
Andy McManus had asked if I fancied an evening paddle on the loch as he wanted to have another go in his new boat, and I had my Capella on the roof of the car before he could say meet you at Luss at back of 6pm.

Smoke on the water, FIRE in the sky!

A calm summer evening, we met at Luss and fired the boats in the water and we were afloat for 7pm, with hints of a nice sunset coming along.

Initially out from Luss across to the island of Inchlonaig, we rounded her and headed south to Inchfad before heading back north again around Inchcruin (by MISTAKE!) but it was a gorgeous night... and then the sky started to explode!

On the east coast of Inchcruin the sky got redder and redder like someone had just lit a match and set fire to the sky!
Andy here is mesmorised and I wanted my photo taken under the explosion.

So I gave him my camera and took up positions

Just in time to see the fire die down as Andy readied himself for the photo opperchancity...Thanks Andy!

As the sky lost it's glow Andy raced off to get in the shot...

Sorry Andy! ...

Anyway, it was still a belter of a night and the closer we got to the islands (like Inchconnachan here) the more midges got to me.

Heading up 'The Narrows' with Ben Lomond in the distance, the gloom of the night started to fall.

Heading back to Luss night fell and the street and hotel and house lights acted as guide lights, but it really wasn't as dark as it looks in the photos.. there was still a wee glow from the night sky. And Andy's reflective jaeskit...and paddles.

Luss from the water and Andy's BA and reflective pads on his paddles.
A cracking night's paddle and what a sunset!... 

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