9 Nov 2011

Alan Lindsay's Rockpool Tests @ Kari Tec Ocean - 8-10-11

AFTER I had digested the shock news that Alan Lindsay's far-travelled 'MALIN' yak was to be sold, both he and I set off down to Ayrshire's Kari-Tek outfit so Alan could try out a couple of it's Rockpool boats on it's 'Ocean' pond adjacent to the complex.
The voluminous 'Alaw' and tidy 'Alaw Bach' interested Alan and I would like a wee go in different boats too.

Me in the 'Alaw' and Alan in the 'Alaw Bach' - He loved the Bach and I actually liked being in the Alaw even though I could have comfortably held a dance in the cockpit as my 'wee' legs rattled around in the huge 'pit'.

Alan in the Bach with colourful 'Swift' paddle

In to change over

Alan getting used to the Alaw

Some reeds in the Kari-Tek Ocean

The Alaw ready to come out of the shadows

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  1. I havent had the pleasure to even lay eyes on a rockpool kayak over here yet. \beautiful looking kayaks. What was the layup looking like?>