10 Nov 2011

Day Paddle on Loch Lomond with Alan Lindsay - 15-10-11

AS usual, it's a surprise request from Alan to see if I fancied a wee paddle on the 'Loch' - surprise?... Yea, as it's usually the day before we are due on the water that the request comes :-) ... either via e-mail or phone txt :-)
No problem that, and makes for either an 'Aye,' or a 'Naw,' answer.
So, it was an aye and we met at Millarochy Bay for a wee quickie round our favourite islands and up through the 'Narrows'.

Here I show 'where we are' on Inchconnachan in 'Lady Colquhoun's summer house which is now in a dilapidated state after vandals opened it up to the elements to finish the job.

Jo Thomson painted this 'Muriel' in 2002 (yes I know it's Mural, but bare with me) and should be spared the fate that awaits the rest of the building.

Alan using my 'VERY' expensive Werner paddle as a Caber

The View I get

Alan all 'So'wester'ed up'

Lady Colquhoun's summer house on Inchconnachan, now in a sorry state of repair.

Aye, it could do with a wee lick a paint and a wee nail in here and there.

Alan has claimed Loch Lomond as his.. :-)

The woodmill out the back of the house

Alan through the ragin' reeds

Me with my big jacket on, am a 'Reedchillcheater' see what I did there?

There was a boat race on the Loch while we paddled past so we tootled over for a swaatch.. we lost.

Say no more


  1. Enjoying your blog Graham. Was in the Inchconnachan House yesterday and am a regular visitor to the Loch Islands on my (inflatable) canoe.

  2. Cheers Big Rab.. I am off onto the Loch again tomorrow, (Saturday for an arm stretch, and will probably end up in the house again for lunch..
    Thanks for following..:-)

  3. Enjoying your pictures graham good seei them man aint seen you in years from james morrison

  4. This place has been in a mess for so long and has ended up so bad due to the neglect of the loch lomond park authority who were given this building with a view to looking after it (the last owners had no problem looking after it). The state of this building now is an example of the loch lomond park authority's work in general. Keep up the blogs cracking stuff!!!

  5. Thanks for your comment, I totally agree.. although I hadn't been on the loch this year until recently, I have noticed the massive deterioration in the lodge in only a year through lack of any care.
    Not long until it is totally wrecked and will have fallen down.. The mural by Jo Thompson from 2002 on the main wall needs saving somehow, though, it's a great record of the islands.. maybe a note to the park authority to gently remind them it's there?
    Anyway, I'm back on the blogging, now I have something to blog about..:-)
    All the best
    Graham :-)