19 Nov 2011

Weekend at Rowerdenan Lodge - 29/30-10-11

A GREAT weekend was spent with Alan and some of his SCA (Scottish Canoe Association) chums at a lodge on the banks of Loch Lomond at Rowerdenan.
A spot of fancy dress was had on the first night with a tremendous meal of Haggis and neeps and tatties after souper soup washed down with even superer Chivas Regal whisky.
Sunday saw a paddle down the loch  and through the Narrows with a wee visit to Lady Colquhoun's summer lodge, and back.

The lodge's car park full of 'Yaks'

Fancy dress at its best

Alan and Graham 'at it'

'Uncle Jim' addressing the haggis

'Mmh, tablet'

Out onto the loch on Sunday

Heading toward The Narrows on Loch Lomond

Ben Lomond under the cloud

Alan and Pete sit it out

Alan and his best Sunday Face


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