28 Aug 2011

Solo Two-day trip on West Loch Tarbert 17/18-9-10

WELL, it had to be done. The Mrs (Violet) and her band were due on Islay to play a gig at the music festival over by, so I thought I'd drop her off at the ferry and head off down West Loch Tarbert in the new Capella.

The weather was looking good so, papped Violet on the ferry and headed to the pier at West Loch Tarbert and kitted up and launched on my very first solo trip with day bag, tent, sleeping bag, food, stove and ginger (Irn Bru) in the hatches...

Lunch stop was at Rubha Riabhach way down the loch after following seals.. okay, being followed BY seals and watching deer eat on the banks and start to take in the peace and tranquility of the new way of life just started.

Rubha Riabhach
After a few more Kms the small beach at Rubha Mhein looked inviting and so I pulled in to set up camp.

 Sunsetting over south Kintyre hills

 Cal Mac ferry off to Islay again..

Cheerio, cheerio, cheerio.. off to Islay malts :-)

Yea, the sky always looks like this.. :-)


During the night in my tent I was awoken at 4am by.. wait for it.. gunshots!!
Quite regular and 12 bore by the sounds of it.. quite close which disturbed me more!
I am guessing, poachers, due to the high amount of deer I had spotted the day before on the loch-side.
Not something I am likely to forget for a while anyway!

Next morning up early to follow tide and wind back up the loch to meet the ferry, and on the way up a small disturbance in the water finally led to an OTTER hunting not 20 feet away from me.. When it finally spotted me closing in on it it spluttered and dived quickly.
I had only recently seen my first wild Otter whilst on Barra, but it was at a distance, this was my first close up of a wild Otter at close range, magic. No chance of a photo though :-( But, not something I am likely to forget in a hurry!

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