28 Aug 2011

Two-day trip to Inchmarnock with Alan Lindsay 25/26-9-10

WEATHER was due to be excellent for the weekend and Alan suggested a BIG trip 'doon the waater..' launching from Colintravie, and rounding the north of Bute.

 Getting kitted up as the Colintravie - Rhubodach ferry plys it's trade...
Lunch stop at Rubha Dubh on the north west of Bute with views right down the sound to Arran.

Lunch stop at Rubha Dubh on the north west of Bute.. Graham and Alan..

 Alan thinks we should head to ARRAN!.. the weather is excellent, but, it is to change soon says coastguard on Alan's VHF radio.
And, it did with at least a F4 blowing in for a short while, which did give me a little start, stuck in the middle of the Sound of Bute, but Alan guided me with great enthusiasm and encouragement - 'Keep Paddling..' which will be my mantra when the wind picks up again... A quick paddle to the north of Inchmarnock and a beach out of the wind.

A wee rest on the north of Inchmarnock out of the wind and waves..

 Seals on the west coast of Inchmarnock. A massive colony lives at Northpark.
We had just launched after wee break from wind and rounded the corner at Northpark to see a dozen or so seals dive into the water where they stayed playing 'hide and seek' with us.
Bobbing up and down watching us watch them.
A couple then followed us down the east coast of Inchmarnock.
 Seal colony - Northpark, Inchmarnock.

The GORGEOUS bay at the south east of Inchmarnock where we camped and watched Arran all night.

I will get to Arran one day.. but not today.. :-)


 Not Moonshine, but Guinness.. and Alan getting it down.

 More Moonshine, no Guinness

Yes, it's a Digeridoo.. :-) Alan carried it with him on his 'Yak's deck and played it during our bonfire night, me? I wasn't up to the Rolf Harris standard of Mr Lindsay...

 Morning glory - Stunning view in the morning. Cloudless and calm so I went for a walk round the south of the island to see cracking views of Arran.

Someone is still slumbering.

 Arran and Inchmarnock hardware

  Arran and Inchmarnock hardware

I had my usual porridge with Banana and raisins straight from the Trangia stove with a lil fly as extra protein..

What a place to 'do' breakfast.. it really was/ is a fantastic backdrop to wake up to on a good clear morning.
I can't begin to explain the view, the stillness and peace that morning, so I wont.

Then it was off again and we launched to paddle round the south of the island and cruised gently up the west of Inchmarnock popping in and out of the rocks and inlets.

 First break on day two at the north of Inchmarnock before the 4km trot across the Sound of Bute to Ettrick Bay on Bute in distance.
A stunning couple of days away.

Happy bunny

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