31 Aug 2011

A wee day out on Loch Lomond with Muir and Dick - 6-3-11

A WEE day out on Loch Lomond  is always refreshing.. specially early on a Sunday morning in the mist!
Meeting at Luss car park, I met up with Glasgow Kayak Club members Muir and Dick for a wee paddle around the islands.

The Luss Horseshoe above Luss

 Inchgalbraith Castle with Dick approaching.


Approaching Inchfad

Dick and Muir facing Conic Hill as we passed Inchcailloch.

Lunch stop one

  Muir (lft) and Dick await my return from my 'comfort break'

Dick approaching Luss

Muir and Dick approaching Luss through the gloom of an early March day

 It was this misty and calm...


  1. Great photo of Inchgalbraith Castle on Loch Lomond. Would you mind if we use it for a talk about Loch Lomond's islands to members of the Conservation Charity, Friends of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs. Hope to hear from you.

    1. Ann see comment below.. no bother 😎

  2. Ann absolutely no bother sorry for late reply I am seldom into my blog spot blog these days and missed your message.
    Would you like it hi res or are you okay with copying it from here?.. all the best

  3. Hi again Graham
    It doesn’t need to be very high res file but it won’t let me copy the photo from your blog so I would appreciate a jpeg by email - maybe a megabyte or so.
    We’ll credit you on the night.

    All the best